Parent company: Prodeval


Prodeval’s headquarters in France.

Prodeval, a French company based in Drôme, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.


Since its founding in 1990, Prodeval has specialized in the treatment and recovery of biogas generated from the methanation of organic waste. In short, it restores the useful life of the waste it treats, thus contributing to the fight against global warming.


Over the years, the company has broadened its portfolio of innovative products and services and continues to expand into a growing number of communities, industries and regions. To date, the group has set up over 100 facilities, representing approximately 15% of all treatment plants developed in the world.


CEO Sébastien Paolozzi has spearheaded Prodeval’s development since 2009. The company, with its strong people focus, currently employs 200 workers across three locations: Châteauneuf-sur-Isère (France), Genoa (Italy) and, most recently, Montreal (Canada).


In-house engineers and technicians oversee the development of tailor-made products for various sectors of activity and they provide site and equipment maintenance services.

Our experts in the field.

Prodeval also engages in R&D activities, knowing full well that tomorrow is now, and that the development of solutions for the future is an ongoing process.


The company’s core values—integrity, commitment, service, respect for each client and their needs—are much more than just words. They’re a way of life. And they ensure Prodeval remains true to its mission of manufacturing superior quality products and building lasting relationships.


The company has also taken its team approach to the next level and now offers professional training to improve practices and to contribute to the development and sharing of cutting-edge expertise.


Prodeval Canada


Why has Prodeval established a presence in Montreal?


The biogas value chain was initially developed in Europe for reasons related to population, urban planning and legislation.


North America is now getting on board, and the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario are leading the way in Canada. The situation in the U.S. is similar, with certain states clearly at the forefront. But this is all part of a widespread general movement. The 100 or so facilities already in operation or under development in North America account for more than 10% of all facilities worldwide.


Prodeval already has a presence in North America. However, the company wanted to be closer to its new clients and suppliers, hence its recent move.


Montreal’s team.

Montreal is a natural gateway. The city has a population that increasingly embraces greener solutions, targeted legislation at all levels of government, rapidly developing practices, and strong agreement within the industrial and agricultural network on what needs to be done to combat global warming.


Montreal is also home to an educated, bilingual workforce to staff the Quebec subsidiary, which is currently headed by two engineers: Sophie Chainel, General Manager, and Sharmely Gonzales, Project Manager.


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