Sophie Chainel


Since January 2020, Sophie Chainel has held the position of General Manager of Prodeval Canada, a subsidiary of a French company specializing in the treatment and recovery of biogas from the methanation of organic waste. Her dual mandate is to structure the subsidiary, including its business ecosystem, while promoting the company’s flagship products: VALOPUR, VALOPACK, VALOGAZ, CN’Green and AgriGNV.


After graduating from the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Lille (France), she joined SUEZ, a French-based utility company which operates largely in the water and waste management sectors, where she acquired significant experience in sales and project management. She then transferred to Québec as the manager of the new SUEZ project to build wastewater disinfection centre in the city of Montreal. Through this exciting adventure, she discovered inspirational management and led her gender-balanced team with heart, making a strong contribution to the development of the organization.


Constantly looking for new challenges, she continued to learn and develop, taking an interest in social issues and achieving certification in change management and corporate governance.


Sophie Chainel is passionnate about environment — waste management, energy, agriculture — and technological innovation, therefore she finds herself completely at ease in this role, which allows her to thrive in her professional life and provides her awesome opportunities to achieve ever greater heights!


Sharmely Gonzales Villagra


Sharmely Gonzales Villagra joined Prodeval Canada as Project Manager in September 2020. Her role is to serve as liaison between engineering, technical services, and the client. More specifically, she oversees the successful execution of projects from signature to delivery. This requires validating the client’s needs and expectations, establishing the necessary follow-ups with suppliers, and, of course, ensuring timelines are being met.


As a Chemical Engineering graduate from Polytechnique Montréal, she had previously worked on numerous projects as a Process Engineer for Tetra Tech, Dundee Sustainable Technologies, and GCM Consultants. These experiences enabled her to develop an expertise in the fields of refining, wastewater treatment and metals.


Her two key areas of focus are energy and the environment. As such, the challenges facing Prodeval’s team and its clients are perfectly aligned with her talents and aspirations. She’s exactly where she wants to be!


Like every team member, she takes great pride in contributing to the development of biogas in Canada.